Ambacang Hill in Tilatang Kamang Sub-District, Indonesia

An adventure in Indonesia may cost more than one day. The reason is that tourists have many options of vacation destinations to visit during the holidays. For those who love outdoor activities, though, they must consider visiting Ambacang Hill in Agam Regency. To be exact, it resides in Gadut Village and belongs to Tilatang Kamang Sub-District. Like other hills of Sumatra Island, tourists can enjoy trekking, sightseeing, and photography there. However, a special attraction resides in this hill which is none other than local horse racing! No wonder, the hill is included in the top vacation destinations of the region.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Ambacang Hill looks peaceful and pristine. Trees and plants grow well up there, creating a nice atmosphere for exploration. When it comes to the size, the hill has an elevation of about 1000 meters! No wonder, the air feels so soothing and the site becomes a perfect location for relaxation. One thing that makes it different than other hills is indeed the presence of a racetrack located on a specific spot of the hill. It opens for the public, as long as there is a competition being held there.

Exploring Ambacang Hill
Some people may wonder what they can do in Ambacang Hill, considering the fact that many of them haven’t ever visited the site. Have no worries. Everyone can take advantage of the hill for numerous fun activities especially trekking! It is true the landscape is not as challenging as other hills, but it is worth to explore. Moreover, it is suitable for beginners or those who never do trekking at all. That means Ambacang becomes a good start before trying other difficult trekking routes later!

The next recommended thing to do in Ambacang Hill is photography. During a visit to a beautiful natural attraction, everyone should consider carrying a camera after all. For the best pictures, though, they need to come at the right time especially during either sunrise or sunset. An important aspect such as weather should be a consideration too. Why is that? It may determine how comfortable the exploration is and how good the photos.

Another popular activity to do is watching the local horse race. It is because Ambacang is also popular for its racetrack! Some people even make bets while watching such fun race occasionally. It is even allowed to take pictures during the race and cheer the racers. One thing, tourists should come based on the schedule or they might miss the race.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
A trip to Ambacang Hill may take around 2 hours and 40 minutes from Padang City, as the distance is 97.9 km. If tourists take Lintas Barat Sumatra Street, though, they can get there a little bit faster. Once arriving at Agam Regency, the next destination is Tilatang Kamang Sub-District. Next, they must reach Gadut Village and conduct a short trekking to get to the hill.

Where to Stay

  • Parai Mountain Resort
  • Campago Resort Hotel
  • Bamboosa Guesthouse
  • Treeli Hotel

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