Zoology Museum in Guguk Panjang Sub-District, Indonesia

Bukittinggi City is known as a historical region and offers numerous natural attractions for visitors. However, not all travelers recognize how interesting Bukittinggi’s Zoology Museum is. It is located in Benteng Pasar Atas Village and belongs to Guguk Panjang Sub-District. This vacation destination offers both information and entertainment to the guests, especially related to animals. According to the locals, this Indonesia's museum has been there since 2010 and it is located in the same area as Kinantan Zoo. Here is the best thing. Tourists only need to pay a small amount of ticket fee in order to get in the building.

The Nuance
It is easy to notice Zoology Museum due to its unique ornaments. For example, there is a giant statue of fish located in front of the building. Not to mention a statue of a tiger resides on the top of a gate residing in front of the museum as well. Inside, tourists may see about 2000 preserved animals of the nation. Even the rare species like Sumatran Tigers are stored there. What is more? Visitors may also find numerous historical items stored in the museum, too! What a great place to enjoy a vacation, no?

Exploring Zoology Museum
Before entering the museum, visitors should pay the entrance ticket first. Have no worries. The employee is quite a friend and her or she is able to talk English too. This way, tourists can easily obtain information regarding the museum as well as the history behind it. Here is the tip. It is better to explore the museum with a person who has visited it before. For the best experience, hiring a tour guide is quite recommended. It is because such service may explain thoroughly regarding the animals and the purpose of the construction of the building. It indeed costs some money, but the service is quite helpful for everyone.

Once getting in the Zoology Museum, tourists can explore it right away. As mentioned before, the building stores thousands of preserved animals of different species. Some of them look cute, while others appear scary! Despite the fact, these objects are quite interesting and worth a photo shoot too. This explains why almost all visitors may carry a camera when visiting the museum. They want to take selfies in front of those animals, after all.

The next thing to do is to watch historical objects displayed inside. With the help of a local guide, the guests would be able to get better information regarding those items. Do not forget to take pictures of them too, though.

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How to Get There
A trip to Zoology Museum starts from Padang City. It takes approximately 2 hours and 56 minutes to get there, as the distance is 107 km. The first destination is Guguk Panjang Sub-District in Bukittinggi City. Next, they only need to get to Benteng Pasar Atas Village and visit the museum right away. As for the route, tourists can take Lintas Barat Sumatera Street.

Where to Stay

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