Singkarak Lake in X Koto Singkarak Sub-District, Indonesia

Perhaps tourists have been aware of the most famous lake located in Sumatra Island, called Toba. The thing is that they should recognize other lakes as well, including Singkarak of West Sumatra Province. To be exact, it belongs to Tanah Datar and Solok Regency. Also, it resides in X Koto Sub-district and becomes a good destination for relaxation and photography. Aside from being a tourist site, the lake has another important role as well. The local government takes advantage of the lake in order to generate electricity! They channel the water through a tunnel, passing through Barisan Hill, to Padang Pariaman Regency.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Singkarak Lake looks peaceful and beautiful. It has the width of about 107.8 km per square and becomes the second largest lake in Sumatra Island after Toba Lake. The length reaches 20 km and it has the depth of 266 meters! It is said the lake was formed due to a tectonic process, highly affected by the Great Sumatran Faul. Not to mention it is the part of Singkarak – Solok cavity. In terms of location, the lake resides approximately 363.5 meters above the sea level.

Exploring Singkarak Lake
So, what can tourists do in Singkarak Lake? Many types of activities can be done there including exploration and sightseeing. Still, some people are interested in the presence of a unique species of fishes called Bilih. It is even said these fishes are only able to live in this environment. Due to the abundance, the locals often catch and cook those fishes deliciously! Thus, visitors should try such delicious traditional food when visiting the lake. For the information, aside from Bilih, there are about 19 other species of fishing living in that lake as well!

Once enjoying delicious foods on nearby eateries, tourists should explore the lake and witness its beauty. The panorama is quite breathtaking, featuring serene water and traditional boats of local fishermen. Here is the fact. Tourists can approach those fishermen and ride their boats after getting the permission. It is fun to explore the lake while riding such boat, isn’t it? Usually, it doesn’t cost anything to get such service. Still, it is recommended to carry some cash when visiting the lake.

What is more? The next recommended activity is swimming. Due to clean and clear water, the lake is suitable for swimming! It feels both warm and fresh, as well. As an alternative, tourists can simply sit on the sides of the lake and enjoy fishing. What they need is only a fishing rod! Somehow, asking for tips from the locals are required to catch more fishes.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Padang City, the first destination is Solok Regency. Next, they only need to head to X Koto Singkarak Sub-District and reach the lake right away. The distance is 78.1 km, so the trip may take about 2 hours and 20 minutes!

Where to Stay

  • Palapa Prima Hotel
  • Jayakarta Hotel
  • Sumpur Hotel
  • Balai Selasa Indah Hotel

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