Tanang River in Banuhampu Sub-District, Indonesia

When people talk about West Sumatra Province, they may recall a delicious food called Rendang and a famous landmark named Gadang Grand Clock. However, not many of these passionate travelers have heard about Tanang River of Agam Regency. This tourist attraction is located in Banuhampu Sub-District and resides at the foot of Singgalang Mountain. Not only it becomes the source of clean water for Bukittinggi City, but it also becomes a nice place to spend a holiday with families. People usually come to the site in order to take a bath and swimming.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Tanang River is serene despite its location (which is near to the local settlement). No wonder, from the sides of the river, tourists can see several buildings clearly including local houses and mosque. The next important fact is that the river has a significant natural resources potential for villagers. In the past, in fact, there was famous Tiagan Natural Spring that resides on this site too! It is quite disappointing that the local government doesn’t keep a good management so the site becomes neglected.

Exploring Tanang River
The question is what tourists can do once arriving at Tanang River. Well, it is as simple as enjoying the nuance. That means visitors can sit and relax on the side of the river while watching the nearby scenery. Even the buildings look interesting there. Now, they can use a camera and take some pictures of the landscape. It is also recommended to take some selfies on site and post the pictures on social media accounts. This way, they may help to promote the site in order to bring more travelers to visit!

The next recommended activity to do in Tanang River is to enjoy fishing. It is a famous activity done by the locals, after all. Usually, nearby villagers come to the site in the afternoon (after work). The good thing is everyone can join the activity regardless of where they come from. That means tourists are allowed to fish on the river, as long as they have prepared the equipment beforehand. On top of that, they can make some new friends while fishing there.

What is more? Another popular activity that tourists can do in Tanang River is none other than swimming. The water is fresh and the nuance is quite serene, so it is suitable for lessening. For those who do not like swimming, though. They can rent available boats and get around the river comfortably!

Nearby Attractions

  • Singgalang Slope
  • Guguak Randah Bridge
  • Singgalang Mountain
  • Nakhodo Camping Ground

How to Get There
A trip to Tang River is definitely easy. So, what tourists can do? From Padang City, they can simply head to Agam Regency and reach Banuhampu Sub-District afterward. The last thing to do is to get to the river right away. This whole trip may cost them approximately 2 hours and 27 minutes, as the distance is 92.8 km. For a faster trip, they should take Lintas Barat Sumatera Street.

Where to Stay

  • Syariah Backpacker House
  • Villa 2000 Hotel
  • Maya Sari Hotel

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