Limpapeh Bridge in Guguk Panjang Sub-District, Indonesia

For some people, visiting a bridge during a vacation sounds boring and dull. They may have a different opinion if their destination is as interesting as Limpapeh Bridge of Sumatra Island! This unique bridge is located in Benteng Pasar Atas Village and belongs to Guguk Panjang Sub-District, West Sumatra. In terms of function, it is similar to regular bridges. However, it acts as another icon of Bukittinggi City aside from Gadang Grand Clock as well. Not to mention many tourists often come to the location to conduct photography and exploration.

The Nuance
This Indonesia's bridge resides in an area called Kampung Cino. In terms of size, Limpapeh Bridge is indeed big. The length is 90 meters and it has the width of 3.8 meters! According to the locals, the construction was done in 1995 and it connects Kinantan Zoo and Fort de Kock. No wonder, visitors often drop by to the bridge after visiting those famous vacation spots. In terms of appearance, the bridge features red and yellow colors! Here is the thing. Only pedestrians can access the bridge, so any vehicles won’t able to cross it. The next impressive feature is definitely the panorama, including beautiful Marapi Mountain and nearby hills.

Exploring Limpapeh Bridge
At a glance, the bridge looks common and unattractive. Tourists would be astonished once they take the first step on it, though. While crossing the bridge, everyone may feel some wobble and vibration (which is quite challenging). Despite such challenging experience, the panorama looks wonderful from the bridge. Tourists can see Bukittinggi City clearly from above. Plus, the fresh air makes such activity more comfortable for them.

Before crossing Limpapeh Bridge, though, tourists should take the time to conduct photography at the gate of the bridge. It is because they may find a unique gate, coming with Minang Architecture. It looks great as the background of their photos later, for sure. Well, the gate is not the only object that they should capture using a camera. It is because the panorama of the natural scenery below the bridge looks wonderful as well. That means visitors may spend hours in order to collect all those beautiful pictures during the visit.

The next interesting feature of Indonesia's Limpapeh Bridge is the presence of a group of monkeys who play near to the bridge. These cute animals come from Kinantan Zoo, actually. They are not harmful, so tourists can approach them without worries. In this case, make sure to feed them with some peanuts in order to lure them in and take selfies with them! 

Nearby Attractions

  • Fort de Kock
  • Ngarai Maaram Park
  • Kinantan Zoo
  • BDB Monument

How to Get There
From Padang City, a trip to Limpapeh Bridge may take around 2 hours and 34 minutes as the distance is 95.6 km. It can even be faster if they only take Lintas Barat Sumatera Street! The first destination is Guguk Panjang Sub-District. Next, they only need to visit Benteng Pasar Atas Village and reach the bridge immediately.

Where to Stay

  • Gangga Hotel
  • Singgalang Indah Hotel
  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Grand Royal Denai Hotel
  • Yani Homestay

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