Joggers & Fine Arts Museum in Guguk Panjang Sub-District, Indonesia

People get numerous advantages during a visit to a beautiful Indonesia's region called Bukittinggi City. Not only they are able to visit various natural attractions, tourists can visit interesting museums and cultural centers. For example, there is Joggers and Fine Arts Museum located in Guguk Panjang Sub-District. To be exact, the building resides in Tarok Dipo Village and becomes a good place to spend a weekend with families. Not to mention the museum helps tourists to learn more about locals’ culture through those beautiful crafts. Taking pictures is also allowed during the visit!

The Nuance
The good thing is that the museum resides on the roadside, so it is easy to find. One thing, it is prohibited to park the vehicle in front of the museum. Even a sign has been installed there regarding such prohibition. In terms of nuance, the museum has a beautiful yard with various local plants and flower. Not to mention both exterior and interior are neat and clean. What about the design? The building is small, but it stores numerous valuable fine arts and joggers. All of them were made by local artists, actually. Due to the value, visitors should not touch them for sure.

Exploring Joggers & Fine Arts Museum
The presence of Joggers & Fine Arts Museum has increased people’s awareness of the culture over time. It is because visitors are able to learn and appreciate those valuable items. Moreover, it helps tourists to enjoy a family recreation in the weekend. At least, it becomes a good alternative to other vacation destinations located in Bukittinggi City. The best thing is that the museum opens daily, so tourists can choose the time when to visit it based on their agenda.

The first thing to do when arriving at the museum is to witness the architecture and beauty of the building. Despite the moderate size, it looks elegant and features a stunning park as well. That means tourists can take their time on the park before entering the museum. Somehow, it helps them to relax and relieve the tiredness due to the trip to the site. They can even take selfies and some pictures on the park comfortably!

So, what can tourists do inside? Aside from exploring and watching those beautiful fine arts and joggers, the guests can get more information regarding the history and creation of those items. In this case, it would be helpful if they have hired a guide before going to the museum. Another recommended thing to do is photography. After all, the keeper allows everyone to take pictures inside, as long as they don’t cause havoc and disturb other visitors.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Padang City, they can take Lintas Barat Sumatra Street in order to reach the museum. The distance is 94 km, so the trip may take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. First, tourists must head to Guguk Panjang Sub-District. The next destination is Tarok Dipo Village, so they can approach the museum right away.

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