Marapi Mountain in Tarab River Sub-District, Indonesia

A stunning volcano resides in West Sumatra Province called Marapi Mountain. It is one of the most majestic volcanoes of the region and has become a challenging vacation spot for those who love trekking and photography. Where is it? The location is in Pasie Laweh Village and it belongs to Tarab River Sub-District. In terms of region, the mountain is part of Tanah Datar Regency, though. Another interesting fact is that Marapi is the most active volcano in Sumatra Island, as compared to others. Not only tourists can see the mountain from Tanah Datar, but they can also see such amazing natural landmark from other regions including Bukittinggi and Padangpanjang City!

The Nuance
It is true that Marapi Mountain is quite active, but it also has a big size! The height is about 2891 meters above the sea level and it has erupted more than 50 times since the last 3 centuries. The nex important information is related to the geographic aspect. Tourists should know that Marapi resides near to another famous mountain called Singgalang! That means they can explore both mountains within a day without spending too much time for the trip. In terms of nuance, the landscape is dry but the air feels so cool due to the elevation. On some spots of the mountain, trekkers can even see the sea of clouds!

Exploring Marapi Mountain
Trekking definitely becomes the most popular activity to do in Marapi Mountain. The only consideration is that tourists should not get too close to the crater due to its significant activity. Instead, they can reach the top of the hills that reside there. The route is considered easy, but the number of shady trees is quite low! That means it would be a little bit hot if they come at noon for trekking. In this case, tourists should conduct trekking either in the morning or afternoon in order to avoid such discomfort.

Aside from trekking, people have other reasons to visit Marapi Mountain. For example, they want to visit the famous Edelweiss Field. As the name suggests, visitors can see a field full of such eternal species of flower. The site looks both beautiful and soothing! Not to mention this location becomes tourists’ favorite spot for photography. These people also take advantage of such stunning field to take selfies and share the pictures on social media sites.

What is more? Another charm of Marapi Mountain is none other than the urban legend. It is said the ancestors of Minangkabau Tribe came from the slope of this mountain. According to the local tradition, those who belong to Minang Society should at least conduct trekking in Marapi. The purpose is to gather the spirit of the ancestors and appreciate the presence of such historical mountain.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Padang City, a trip to Marapi Mountain may take around 3 hours and 3 minutes. The distance is 121 km and the best route to take would be Raya Padang – Solok Street. First, tourists need to reach Tanah Datar Regency and head to Tarab River afterward. Next, they should get to Pasie Laweh Village and conduct trekking to the mountain right away.

Where to Stay

  • Maya Sari Cottage
  • Batang Sianok Hotel
  • Bougenville Hotel

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