Maninjau Lake in Tanjung Raya Sub-District, Indonesia

In order to spend a wonderful vacation in Indonesia, tourists should visit a famous tourist site like Maninjau Lake. It is, in fact, one of the best places to enjoy a family recreation in West Sumatra Province. The location is in Tanjung Raya Sub-District and it belongs to Agam Regency. This volcanic lake has been visited by both locals and outsiders over time. Not only it offers beautiful scenery of nature, but the lake also holds an interesting history for tourists to learn. Also, everyone should know that Maninjau is one of the biggest lakes in Indonesia.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Maninjau Lake offers both beauty and serenity. It resides in about 460 meters above the sea level, actually. This unique caldera was formed due to a big explosion of a local volcano called Sitinjau. This explains why tourists can see the surrounding hills that look like the walls of a mountain. In terms of size, the lake has the total width of 132 km per square and it has the depth of approximately 157 meters. There are even several houses and farms located near to the lake.

Exploring Maninjau Lake
Tourists can do many things once they arrive at Maninjau Lake. For instance, it is as simple as learning its history that they can acquire from either villagers or local guides. So, what is it about? It is said the presence of the lake is quite related to Bujang Sembilan (the nine bachelors). These men have a sister called Sani who fell in love with a man named Giran. The thing is Kukuban (the oldest brother) despised this man. One day, he accused him of conducting an indecent act with Sani. Due to such news, villagers decided to throw the couple into the crater of the volcano!

Before getting thrown into the crater, Giran shouted loudly that they were innocent. They even cursed the nine brothers to turn into fishes due to such cruelty. A few days later, the volcano erupted and destroyed almost everything and the crater turned into a beautiful lake. Magically, the brothers turned into fishes and live in it eternally. Well, this interesting story has become a local myth for generations after all. That means the locals are likely to tell it to everyone who visits the location.

Aside from learning the local legend, visitors can explore Maninjau Lake and enjoy its beauty. The serene nuance helps them to relax and get rid of stresses, as well. Due to such stunning scenery, it even inspired the creation of a famous local novel entitled “Tenggelamnya Kapal Ban Der Wick”.

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How to Get There
If tourists come from Padang City in Indonesia, their trip to Maninjau Lake may take about 3 hours. The distance between those locations is 121 km, after all. First, they need to get to Agam Regency. Once getting there, they only need to head to Tanjung Raya Sub-District and reach the lake immediately. As for the best route, it is none other than Secincin – Malalak Street.

Where to Stay

  • Kuok Resort Hotel
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  • Muaro Beach Bungalow
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