Panorama Park in Guguk Panjang Sub-District, Indonesia

Perhaps many people have been aware of the presence of Ngarai Maaram Park in Bukittinggi City. However, there is another interesting park for them to visit and the name is Panorama Park. The good thing is that the park resides near to Ngarai Maaram, so tourists can visit them both on a day without spending too much time. To exact, it is located in Panorama Street, Kayu Kubu Village. In terms of region, the park belongs to Guguk Panjang Sub-District actually. As the name suggests, the park offers wonderful panorama and pristine environment. It becomes a perfect place for recreation, photography, lessening, sightseeing, and hanging out!

The Nuance
Not only visitors can find a serene park on the site, they may witness stunning natural scenery of Sianok Canyon as well. Such majestic view can be seen up close from the park in fact! Thus, visitors can easily take pictures of the panorama without more efforts. Aside from the canyon, another interesting tourist site that resides near to the park is Lobang Jepang (the Japanese Tunnel). The access is easy to reach the tunnel, so everyone should drop by later after exploring the park.

Exploring Panorama Park
Once arriving at Panorama Park, tourists may explore the site right away. Still, most of them are likely to sit and watch the scenery instead of walking around the park. It is because the majority of people who come to the park are looking for peace and relaxation. They want to get rid of stresses accumulated from daily works, as well. So, what about you? Even the presence of shady trees and fresh air help everyone to relax once getting in the park. For a more comfortable nuance, everyone should visit either in the morning or afternoon.

What is more? Family recreation is the next popular activity to do in Panorama Park. It becomes more memorable if they carry foods and drinks, as well. This way, visitors can eat delicious snacks while watching breathtaking scenery there. The good thing is that they can find several spots featuring gazebos to do such activity. Here is the tip. Make sure to come early, so the gazebo is still available for them to use. The park becomes crowded during weekends and holidays, after all.

Another impressive feature of Panorama Park is the presence of wild monkeys living in the nearby forest. These cute animals often come to park for either feeding or playing. Thus, it is better to prepare some peanuts before visiting the site. Tourists can feed the monkeys with it later.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lobang Jepang
  • Sianok Canyon
  • Koto Gadang Great Wall
  • Tri Daya Eka Dharma Museum
  • Bung Hatta Monument
  • Bung Hatta Palace

How to Get There
From Padang City, tourists’ first destination is Guguk Panjang Sub-District. Next, they need to reach Kayu Kubu Village and head to Panorama Park right away. The whole trip may take around 2 hours and 27 minutes, as the distance is 95.1 km. It can be faster, though, if they take Lintas Barat Sumatra Street.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Malindo Hotel
  • Imran Hotel
  • Mersi Hotel
  • Ambunsuri Hotel

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